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Oliva Global is a San Francisco-based consultancy committed to helping executives and enterprises of all types enhance their brand and reputation—cost-effectively—by aligning global business strategy and public relations initiatives, along with attention to corporate social responsibility.

Business strategy and communications aligned to highlight societal value: this approach creates new opportunities and helps address threats… or what we call a virtuous cycle for global brands.


Oliva Global got its start with the economic development and public affairs background of its founder, Paul Oliva, and his work with corporations, government agencies and community groups. After helping drive discussion of economic development issues at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, from 2003 through 2005, Oliva discerned a strong and growing need to help executives and their enterprises manage top-level communications and effectively engage in global policy debates. For smaller or startup enterprises, Oliva sees the need to build brand, communications and business strategies that effectively transcend borders and connect with key influencers, partners and customers across markets.


Oliva Global assembles an appropriate team of specialists and partner companies to deliver the results for each project.

Paul V. Oliva, Founder and Chief Consultant
Paul V. OlivaAll projects are headed by Oliva Global founder and chief consultant Paul Oliva. Oliva is an international communications and business strategy consultant with over two decades experience. His work spans program development and strategy, and he has worked on traditional public and media relations, corporate social responsibility, issues management, international trade policy, and government relations.

Oliva is recognized as a leader in helping organizations enhance their reputation and business growth through effective communications business strategy generally, but particularly through strategic relationships with partners such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

Oliva’s specialties include business strategy and analysis, strategic partnerships, executive speechwriting and coaching, news releases and message development, reports and case studies, marketing communications. Particular interests include the impact of technology and financial services on economic development, from B2B and international trade to enterprise resource planning systems to remittances and microfinance.

Paul Oliva Bio

International Policy Research
Tony Jenks, assistant consultant. Tony Jenks completes research and outreach work for Oliva Global's core projects. Jenks holds a masters degree in international relations from University of Sussex and previously worked for the Northern California World Trade Center, political consulting firm Acosta Salazar, and international development organization South Centre in Geneva.

Brand and Design
Kim Harris, senior brand consultant. Kim Harris is a lead consultant on brand and design for Oliva Global. Drawing upon her 10-year creative background working on brand and design at Visa and other companies, Harris lends strong corporate design sense to Oliva Global work.

Annalisa Ball, graphic design consultant. When clients need exceptional original graphic design, Annalisa Ball's work with major companies such as Bank of America and her international background generates crisp, beautiful results.

Tor Naerheim, brand and identity consultant. For projects requiring significant work on corporate identity development, we also draw upon Tor Naerheim's expertise.

Media / Analyst Relations
Jenna Dobkin, senior media consultant. Jenna Dobkin brings experience and contacts with media and analyst relations across a wide range of industries and geographies.

Juliet Travis, senior media consultant. Juliet works magic with media, analyst and blogger outreach, with great results not only in traditional media but also with online publications, websites and blogs.

Associates and Partners
Oliva Global includes the expertise of a range of associates and partner companies to deliver counsel and results in specific areas:

  • Economic forecasting and analysis. Our alliance with Global Insight offers rigourous market analysis from the leading company whose founders received a Nobel Prize for their work.
  • Financial services business case and best practices. We work with Global Vision Group to provide specialised expertise for clients in the financial services industry or merchants and transaction processors that make use of payment processing.
  • Opinion research and polling. We have experience with a range of companies and methodologies for domestic and international opinion research, including Worthlin Worldwide.
  • Sales effectiveness training, analytics and consulting. If your communications strategy needs alignment with sales and marketing to improve profitable revenues, our partnership with Revenue Storm can help.
  • Business strategy for core and emerging markets. We can help with a range of business strategy needs.

Securing media coverage

Securing media coverage at venues such as the World Economic Forumís Davos summit can be challenging and requires extensive preparation.

Securing media coverage

Oliva (pictured here with former US Commerce Dept. Deputy Secretary Robert Mallett and Bay Area Economic Forum president Sean Randolp) worked with community leaders and the US government to build an economic development program and communicate its results.

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