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Oliva Global offers a variety of services that can be packaged by individual project, strategic initiative or retainer.

Our basic services include specific writing projects, materials development and immediate executive preparation needs.

Our strategic initiative services are focused on specific strategic global public affairs and corporate responsibility programs.

Basic Services

Writing & Materials

Oliva Global can deliver first-class research, writing and editing of corporate materials in American or international styles, through to layout and delivery in electronic or print formats.

  • Report writing, including annual reports and corporate social responsibility reports
  • White papers, case studies and fact sheets
  • News releases, key message documents, media Q&A and frequently-asked questions
  • Op-eds, bylines, books and other ghost writing
  • Brochures and newsletters
  • Policy or market analyses
  • Confidential executive briefing books
  • Electronic communications and blogs
  • Grant writing and reporting

Executive Presentations & Coaching

Oliva Global offers experienced support for senior executives preparing to address key stakeholders at public events, employee meetings, webcasts or via news media.

  • Speechwriting and talking points
  • Presentation development in Microsoft PowerPoint or other delivery method
  • Presentation and media coaching

Strategic Initiatives

Global Executive Engagement

For many companies and executives, global or international forums can be an essential way to build visibility and reputation—responsibly. Oliva Global can navigate partnerships with key organizations and identify ways for executives to engage, including preparatory and on-site support to make the most of the executive’s time.

  • World Economic Forum: prepare now for the WEF’s upcoming events in China (September), Russia (October), India (November) and the Annual Meeting in Davos (January 2006)
  • United Nations: Consider involvement in the UN Global Compact, the UN Year of Microcredit, the UN ICT Task Force or the Financing for Development initiative of the UN Conference on Trade and Development
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Prepare for the CEO Summit (this year in Korea, next year in Vietnam)
  • Trans-Atlantic forums: Participate in the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue or the Transatlantic Policy Network
  • Other forums: A wide variety of local, national or international organizations can provide opportunities for visibility and engagement. Oliva Global can help you choose and prepare.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Economic Impact

Most enterprises face an increasing need to demonstrate how they deliver value to the communities in which they operate and to document how they address issues from labor and the environment to privacy and security. Oliva Global can help enterprises meet these challenges.

  • CSR and economic impact reports
  • Executive visibility and corporate sponsorships/partnerships
  • Product/marketing tie-ins

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